Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The Fun Has Begun!

The Fun Has Begun! As most of you know, we have started the dirt work this week on the house we are building for Odie to live in. Bro. David Butler worked diligently Monday and Tuesday and we are seeing the progress. 

As I write this Wednesday morning, the footer is dug and the rebar is in the ditch. Once he has the rebar properly in place, it should be ready for inspection and concrete! With a good inspection and good weather, we should have a footer by later today.

Odie and I have been taking a bunch of pictures and we will post them on a later post. My Dad has helped both days and others have dropped in to offer moral and physical support. We will try to have a full report on that as well.

Today I have pictures from the "Official" ground breaking. You know that we can not have a Bobcat or Track Hoe take out the first scoop so we saved that job for Odie. 

They were scheduled to begin early Monday so Sunday evening on our way to church, Odie worked just a little bit.

Here she is below with the first shovel full of dirt. It was a small shovel but it was full!

Then we all got in on the act.

David Butler and his helper took it from there and in two shakes of a lamb's tale it will be finished! Maybe we will look back and wonder how it was finished so quickly. I sure hope so!

Revival at Dryden Rd. was really good again Tuesday night. We had a spontaneous alter service before the preaching and then Bro. Dallas Lakes preached outstanding. I am looking forward to service again tonight.

Thanks for reading today.



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