Monday, February 6, 2017

Weekend Woundup and Weview #6

Praise God for a weekend that was great from start to finish! From an incredible service Friday night in Elba, Alabama, to an incredible service in Moss Point, Mississippi, it was good all the way through!

Friday night was the final service of revival with Pastor Jon Isaacs and his great bunch of folks at Grace Fellowship Holiness Church. We had lots of fellowship from local churches Friday night and God blessed us with a good service. It was a great way to cap off a wonderful revival.

Davy and Pastor Jon Isaacs

Alayna, Davy and Alivya

Pastor Rick Simpson and Davy

Odie and Sis. Heidi Isaacs

I also have a few pictures from Grace that were taken earlier in the week but did not get posted.

Saturday morning before we left I walked into the cemetery next to where we were parked for the week. The name did not show up because of the shadows but we have written about Hettie Floyd's grave before. Interesting stuff that you can read HERE. Make sure you read the comments of that post.

The BoggsMobile was parked in this quite spot all week long. This is right before we cranked up Saturday morning.

The Green Machine hooked up and ready to push!

We made one stop for diesel and then four hours after we left, we pulled into Forts Lake Assembly near Moss Point, Mississippi. This is an easy place to park and I wire into the electric panel every year inside the tabernacle used for youth camp. In only a few minutes we were ready to go.

I needed to make a quick stop at Lowe's and afterward we met Bro. and Sis. Cauley for a great meal at Golden Corral. Sis. Ruthie Angel's halo was so bright Saturday evening that it cast a shadow over her and Kelly Jo's face!

We set up sound Saturday night and by Sunday morning we were ready to go. God blessed us with two outstanding services to kick off revival. It was been nearly two years since we have been here for revival but it is like we never missed a beat. It is great to be with Pastor Tim Cauley and all these great folks again. I am expecting five more great services.

That wraps up our wonderful weekend. I hope that yours was great as well.

Thanks for reading.



  1. So glad to hear this week is going great! We miss y'all tremendously!! We had great church the weekend! We are still feasting on the great revival. Love y'all

    1. We love hearing the good reports! May God continue to help and bless you and your folks and your community.

      We miss all of you as well! Come see us soon!

      Davy and Kelly Jo


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