Friday, February 3, 2017

Revival In Pictures - Grace Fellowship

This week of revival has flown by and we are down to the last night. This in incredible to me. It seems like we just arrived. Of course it also seems like we should be at the beginning of January but now we are in February. It is February 3rd and the action packed first weekend of the year seems like it happened about three months ago.

We have had a wonderful time enjoying the blessings of God with our friends at Grace Fellowship Holiness Church. We love these folks and we love having church with them. It has been good for us to be here. The service last night was phenomenal! Praise God for His help!

I appreciate all the positive response on my more serious posts like Wednesday's but I understand that millions of you come here every day for the pictures!😀 This is a Revival In Pictures post so let us get to the pictures.

Thanks for stopping in.



  1. Wow! The services has been unreal!! I'm so thrilled that 2 of our girls has received the Holy Ghost under y'all ministry!! I love all the pictures! We love & appreciate y'all dearly.

    1. The Lord has been so near to all of us this week in the services. Praise God for His refreshing, revival and refilling power!

      We love being here, Sis. Heidi.

      Davy and Kelly Jo

  2. We may be the craziest bunch of church folks y'all have ever encountered, but we sure do love the Lord and we love the Boggs Family!! What a wonderful week of Revival it has been! The devil is mad and I'm glad!


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