Saturday, February 18, 2017

Back To Land

Hello Friends!

This is Odie checking in from Florida. Today my awesome friend Kaylene Stephens and I will part ways. She will return to Kansas and I will meet up with my parents late tonight in Mobile, Alabama. I hope you had a great week. I had a spectacular week of vacation and we returned to land yesterday morning. 

It was an early morning and a very long process getting off the ship and through customs. We finally made it to our hotel room. We were both ready to chill for a while. 

I have not had time or the mind to sort through my pictures yet. I will post more Singing At Sea 2017 pictures later. I had issues with my camera flash on my Cannon. I am not sure how well the pictures turned out. I included a few pictures so you could get a peek into our fun. 

I loved this Singing At Sea cruise. This is my 3rd cruise with Templeton Tours on Singing at Sea. If I have my way, it definitely will not be my last. It was a blast seeing old friends and meeting new friends. It is amazing being surrounded with wonderful music all week and delicious food!!

Well I will close for now. Please pray for me and Kaylene that our arms will not get worn out as we fly back to our homes.



  1. It was a pleasure to finally meet you! I guess your taxi situation worked out ok? We are hooked on Singing at sea cruises!Had such a wonderful time!Hope to see you again sometime. Cindy Bowers

    1. Cindy,
      It was great seeing you all! Yes we took a taxi. Singing at Sea cruises are awesome. So glad you all had a great time. I look forward to seeing you again too.


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