Monday, February 20, 2017

Weekend Woundup and Weview #8

The highlight of this weekend was welcoming Odie back from vacation but it certainly was not the only thing we did this weekend. Thankfully we did not have far to travel because we had too many other things to accomplish.

The first order of business for the weekend was the final day of revival at Bibleway Assembly near Foley, Alabama. We started the day by discovering the source of a water leak but I will have more about that later.

We went to lunch with Pastor Eddy Sullivan at the Oyster House in Gulf Shores. We had a great lunch and Kelly Jo made a new friend in the process.

Friday night was a terrific conclusion to revival. The presence of God settled down on the folks there and ministered to several needs. It was wonderful! We had a great crowd Friday including Pastor Tim Cauley, but we did not take very many pictures.

Here are a few we snapped after church.

Saturday morning I cranked the bus and we prepared to hook the car up and pull over to Mobile. I had started the bus earlier in the week and looked for damage from the road debris we picked up on Monday but nothing tells the story like actually driving. Thankfully all seemed well and 55 miles and an hour and 25 minutes later we were pulling into Foster Grove Holiness Church.

We did not need to be in a big hurry but the water leak I mentioned earlier needed to be resolved. We had been noticing some dampness in the front two bays but could not find the source. Friday, the source found me.

I was in the second bay adding coolant (just water) to the AquaHot system. The boiler is cracked and we have been milking it along for a few years. It took a turn for the worse in September and I have been adding coolant nearly every day since then. The coolant leak drains straight out the bottom of the bus. 

The leak I discovered Friday is the death blow to the AquaHot. I had the water hose hooked up and I could hear water spraying inside of it.

The fresh water loop in the AquaHot is busted and sprays water every time the hose is hooked up or the water pump is turned on. Most of it drains straight out through the floor but some of it was seeping into the carpet depending on how we were parked.

I had to get on top of this fast. I had two options. I could bypass the AquaHot with a little plumbing work but then we would have no hot water. The second option was to install a 120V water heater next to the Aquahot until we can do something better.

Have I ever mentioned that I am no plumber? Have I mentioned that IF I dare to do any plumbing at all, I can not finish the job without at least three trips to the store for parts? I now have even more proof of both of those things.

Lowe's had a six gallon 120V water heater and a 12 gallon version. The 12 gallon was only $10 more and not that much bigger so that is the one I chose. I got it wired in fine. That was the easy part. I plumbed it two or three times before I had it leak free.

We worked about 8 hours and finished about 9:00 PM. Now we have hot water and no leaks, at least for now! Kelly Jo worked like a mule helping me and I appreciate it very much. No pictures from the whole ordeal because most of them would be of my feet and legs hanging out of the second bay on the driver's side!

We left about 9:30 for the airport to pick up Odie.

It really was good to see her roll through those doors. She had a great time and will have more pictures later.

We kicked off revival with a super great service Sunday morning at Foster Grove. It is great to be back with Pastor Jimmie McDuffie and his people.

Tanner Williams Holiness Church was having Friends and Family Day and they invited us down for lunch. What an amazing lunch it was. We had a good meal and wonderful fellowship with the Tanner Williams folks and lots of others too.

We finished the weekend with another great service at Foster Grove and then salad and fellowship at Newk's.

That wraps up a fun, full weekend. Thanks for riding along.


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