Saturday, February 4, 2017

The Isaacs and More Isaacs

Hello friends, I hope you had a great week. The BoggsMobile will be pointed toward Moss Point, Mississippi today. We are looking forward to being with Pastor Tim Cauley and our friends at Forts Lake Assembly!  Revival begins in the morning and is scheduled through Friday night. 

We had a wonderful week at Grace Fellowship Holiness Church in Elba, Alabama. The Grace folks have taken us in and accepted us as family and we feel blessed to have been with them again. The Lord blessed me greatly this week. He gave me the gentle assurance and encouragement I needed. I am determined to make it all the way. 

It is always a joy to be with Pastor Jon, Sis. Heidi, Alayna, Alivya and Anna Kate Isaacs. They are a wonderful family and I completely enjoy time spent with them. As you probably know, my mamaw Boggs is an Isaacs. We do not know exactly how our family tree branches connect with Bro. Jon Isaacs, but I gladly claim them as family. 

More Isaacs

Dad mentioned in Monday's post that last Saturday we spent the day with our family the "singing" Isaacs". It was a blast to be with them again. I was thrilled to find out they would be at Mt. Zion Independent Baptist Church on a night that we were off and "in the area". We were in service with them two years ago at Mt. Zion and it was an unforgettable night. 

This time around was absolutely amazing too!  The right adjectives fail me on describing how much I enjoy an Isaacs concert! Especially when it is just the Isaacs singing and without time constraints. My friend and fellow Isaacs enthusiast, Farrell Stearnes says, "Every time I see the Isaacs in concert it is like the first time." I have to agree with Farrell!

The night began with a new song "Bird On A Wing" and the Isaacs final song was " It Is Well With My Soul. " Throughout the evening we heard a mix of old a new songs. Each one sang as only the Isaacs can sing them. They featured many new songs off their latest project "Natures Symphony in 432". The songs on this project have great encouraging messages. 

The church was full to overflowing! Several in attendance were seeing the Isaacs for the first time. I can not count the Isaacs concerts I have attended in my life time. This will stand out as a favorite. It was a night full of fun, laughter, tears, praise and encouragement. 

To all the Isaacs Crew we love you! Thanks for letting us spend time with you and making my day!  We look forward to seeing you very soon. 

Thanks for checking in with us today. Have a fabulous weekend. I will let the pictures and occasional color commentary finish this post. 


I was happy to see my buddy Gatlyn.

The spot on the floor in the front for my wheelchair was reserved by Ben Isaacs. 

Waiting for go time. 

Part of the crowd. 


Becky and Odie 

The Isaacs 


Nathan Faucet (Spigot)

Aunt Lily





Levi Bowman 

Dad introduced a special song that Becky, Sonya and Sonya's husband Jimmy wrote. It was inspired by a messaged Dad preached. The song is "Dining With The King."

Farrell Stearns and Odie proudly wearing Isaacs shirts. 

Vee Vee and Gatlyn 

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  1. We are gonna miss y'all so much! So glad you we're blessed this week right Along with us! You are a blessing to us Miss.Odie & we love you dearly. Hopefully we can see y'all soon!


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