Thursday, February 9, 2017

A Picture That Flung A Craving!

I was looking at the pictures on my phone last night and one of the pictures flung a craving all over me! It was a craving for my favorite salsa and a craving for home.

We are having another great revival in Moss Point, Mississippi. We have been having great revivals every week this year, but we still miss being home once in a while. A week or two ago my mother sent me a picture of her drinking some of the best salsa in the world through a straw. 

Wow! That stuff is awesome! I know awesome is a strong word but I can think of no other word that fits! I love that salsa a whole big bunch!

We are only traveling about 70 miles between revivals this weekend so a 1600 mile detour to Acapulco in Lebanon, Ohio may be a little extreme! I may have to think that over!

For all of our family and friends at home, we are not sneaking home this weekend even though we would love to. It will not be too long and we will meet you for some salsa!

Thanks for reading.


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