Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Weekend Woundup and Weview #7

This post has been updated Monday afternoon

Monday's post stirred a lot of interest and I am thankful for that. I love bragging on the grace of God. Thank God for His saving power. You can read about the grace of God in Bro. Jack Eubanks life HERE.

The Weekend!

This was a busy weekend but we did not have to drive very far and the weather was absolutely beautiful! 

Friday night was the last night of revival at Forts Lake and it was a great service to finish up. God moved in the altar service and it was difficult to say goodbye when it was all over. We have hopes of seeing some of them this week and next week so that makes it a little easier.

We have a few pictures from Friday night. You can find two other sets of pictures from Forts Lake HERE and HERE.

We did not have to be in a rush Saturday so I intended to sleep until noon.😀 I did not get that done but I did let the girls rest a while. Once they were stirring, they went to Mobile to finish buying some things for Odie's vacation and to also buy groceries. 

I spent some time with Pastor Tim Cauley and then started the process of leaving about 2:00 PM. I filled up the fresh water, unhooked the hose and then cranked the bus. After the bus was running, I unhooked the 50 amp pigtail from the panel and stored the cords and such.

I think it was about 4:20 when I pulled out and about 5:00 when I arrived at Walmart. We wanted to park at the Walmart very close to the airport but they can not allow parking there due to local ordinance. We parked a little further away but close enough.

Kelly and Odie met me there and we had a nice dinner and they spent the rest of the evening getting Odie ready to go. We went to bed early but none of us slept good. I "might" have gotten 10 minutes sleep before I snapped this picture of Odie loading up in the car at 4:10 AM Sunday morning.

She sure looks happy! She must be going on vacation! This may be the first time that Odie discovered that 4:00 comes twice a day!

Only one of us can go passed security with Odie so Kelly Jo took the frisking and followed Odie as far as she could.

We had intended to go to church Sunday morning with friends but it was after 8:00 by the time we had Odie in the air and we were settled back in the bus. Since we had not slept, we zonked out and I slept until 11:00. 

Odie had good flights to Atlanta and then from Atlanta to Ft. Lauderdale. Shortly afternoon, Odie was in Florida.

She caught the shuttle by herself and made it to the hotel just fine.

Kaylene arrived late Sunday night.

We really did not know what to do Sunday night. We were still foggy in our minds from lack of sleep and wanted to go some place where we could hear preaching instead of singing and preaching ourselves. I know that makes me a little selfish but I get that way sometimes.

I heard at the last minute that Pastor Scott Morris was going to be preaching a special service in Saraland so the choice was made and away we went. I am so glad we did. Bro. Scott preached great and we had wonderful fellowship with friends old and new.

We slept right there in the parking lot of the church Sunday night and woke up to a gorgeous sunny day on Monday.

We only had about 50 miles to go to Foley, Alabama. We arrived a few minutes before 11:00 and had a big surprise when we went outside to unhook the car.

Can you see the tail dragging from the Green Machine? It is a long section of threaded rod! Evidently we ran over it and it poked through the bumper of the car and we dragged it along behind us.

I am not worried about the damage to the Green Machine. That is nothing. A little duct tape will have that ready to go in no time. What do I worry about is all the air lines, coolant lines, electric lines and only heaven knows what else that an object like that could damage under the bus. Not even mentioning the bu$ tire$ that rod could damage.

As far as I could see from a cursory examination, the only obvious casualty is a mud flap behind the tag axle on the driver's side. I thought it was completely gone but then Kelly Jo noticed is was only partially ripped loose and was tucked up by the muffler. It may have saved the muffler from being badly damaged.

I was not losing any air from the suspension system the last few miles but I will look at everything a lot closer this week. I will also check and recheck the air pressure in all of the tires.

I spent some time looking at my dash cam footage today, trying to see where I picked that thing up. I see a possibility about 10 miles up the road. Here is a screen shot.

Can you see it laying at an angle near the bottom of the picture? If that is it, then I can see how I missed it. I have looked at the clip over and over and I can not see it from less than 30 feet away. I will try to drive up there today and see if there is a crack there that would explain that line.

Update: KJ and I drove up that way for lunch today and the line in the pictures above is still there. It is not a crack in the pavement. It was not the 12' piece of 1/4" threaded rod that we carried to Bibleway. It is a mark and it is still there.

Conclusion? I will search the dash cam footage from Saraland to Foley and see if I can find anything else.

We got settled in here at Bibleway and even had a few minutes to rest before church. This is our first time with Pastor Eddy Sullivan and his church and Monday night's service was a great way to get acquainted. We had a tremendous response in the altar! Praise God!

My picture taker is on vacation so I may be a little short on pictures. Maybe I will have enough for a Revival In Pictures post on Friday.

By the way, Odie and Kaylene did make it aboard the ship.

It looks like they are having fun already.

That pretty much wraps up our weekend plus Monday. Thanks for tuning in.


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