Monday, August 24, 2015

Weekend Woundup and Weport August 24

This weekend was filled with friends, family, food and fellowship. Dryden Rd. Indoor Fellowship meeting ended Friday night with several folks seeking for salvation and God blessing his folks in a great way. We stayed up way too late but we were enjoying the fellowship of God's people and hated to see it come to an end.

Since we were up too late it was a little difficult to push ourselves out of bed early Saturday morning so we could get the BoggsMobile moved down to the Lazy OD Ranch and get started on a few projects. We did get cranking though and we pulled up beside the barn about 9:00 AM.

I worked on a few different projects in the barn and then we met the Millikins at Acapulco about 11:30. We had a wonderful meal as usual and really enjoyed visiting with our friends. The Millikins were at the Dryden Rd. meeting Thursday and Friday and they are now in revival at Corwin Pentecostal Church until Wednesday.

After Acapulco we drove to Trader's World flea market and walked around until our feet hurts and our pockets were quite a bit lighter. I love the flea market.

Here is my twin selling Reuben sandwiches.

Carli and I barely escaped the clutches of a smiling gorilla!

Saturday evening we spent working at the barn, mowing the grass and getting the sound ready for Homecoming at Dodds. We spent most of the night praying, hoping and waiting for news about my Aunt Hulda Livingston that I mentioned in yesterday's post. It seemed like a long night for us but not near as long as it was for my parents and many of Aunt Hulda's family that waited at the hospital. Please continue to pray for them.

Sunday was Homecoming at Dodd's Free Pentecostal Church. I appreciate Pastor Kelly Rogers inviting us to take part again this year. It is an honor to be asked to preach in the church I grew up in and a very special privilege to preach the Homecoming service. We had a great service, a wonderful response in the altar and a fine meal afterward.

Davy and Pastor Kelly Rogers

Kelly Jo made a special salad that was delicious and beautiful too.

After a full day at Homecoming and visiting a bit with my Aunt's family we slipped into revival at Corwin to hear the Millikins sing and hear Bro. Jimmy preach. We really enjoyed the service. I hope some of the local folks that read the blog can be in revival with them the next three nights.

Our plan has been to take care of some business things today and then hit the road Tuesday morning on our way to Mississippi. We are supposed to be in Ellisville, Mississippi Wednesday night and to be at Minister's Restoration in Richton, Mississippi Thursday and Friday. I will let you know if any of that changes.

That wraps up our weekend. God bless you for reading.


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