Thursday, August 6, 2015

Revival In Pictures - Anchor of Hope

It has been a great joy to preach revival this week for Pastor Bill Lamb, Associate Pastor EJ Lamb and all of the fine folks at Anchor of Hope near Lebanon, Ohio. The music was great. The response to the preaching was great. The altar services were great. The fellowship was great. Are you getting the idea yet? It was a great week!

I have known Bro. Lamb and his family all of my life and it is always a privilege and an honor when he asks us to preach revival for them. They sure have been good to us through the years and they treat us so much better than we deserve. It has been another wonderful week with them and we are looking forward to being with them again in the future.

Tonight we are planning to be at Dryden Rd. which is our home church. Then we plan to leave for Oklahoma on Friday morning by God's grace. 

We have lots of pictures so we hope you enjoy the Revival In Pictures.

Thanks for reading.


Kelly Jo and Odie went to Whit's Frozen Custard on Monday evening before church to celebrate the birthday of Kelly Jo's Dad.

Thanks Hudson for helping with the sound equipment.

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