Thursday, August 27, 2015

Travel Day to Ellisville, Mississippi

Prayer Request

Please pray for my Mother today as she faces the funeral of her beloved sister this morning at 11:00. I know that God is strengthening and helping her and the rest of my Aunt Hulda's family. Aunt Hulda was well loved and the huge crowd at the visitation last night was only one testimony of that. Today and the coming days will be difficult but we trust God to speak peace in the midst of the storm.

Ellisville, Mississippi

God knows we needed strength last night and he gave it in the service at Ellisville First Assembly. The presence of God is exactly what I need in a time like this. I need to be under the spout where the glory of God comes out and during the altar service God put me right there. Praise God for his power and his presence!

Of course, being in church with Mama Joan last night was a big help to us as well!


We spent the night Tuesday at Flying J in McCalla, Alabama. We have stayed there a few times before and there is never any place to park in their RV spaces in the front. They usually have bob-tailed semis parked where the RVs go so we park in the back with the trucks. 

The RV spots were open Tuesday evening when we arrived but the trucks were parked all around them so into the back we went. When I am pulling the Green Machine I can not back up so we need a spot we can pull into. Thankfully there was one right in the front and we took it.

We had the same two trucks next to us all night long so we heard nothing but their engines running. Some times the trucks moving in and out can keep us awake but the diesel engines purring at an idle rock us right to sleep.

Since it was not very hot the bus stayed cool from the engine driven AC for quite a while after we shut down. We did turn on the generator for about two hours before going to bed but the temp was going down to 58 over night so we were able to sleep without it. It was a nice night.

I was awake at 4:00 Central but I let the girls rest a while before pulling out about 7:00. It was only about 190 miles from McCalla to Ellisville with no major cities to go through so it was a pretty easy drive.

We rolled into Ellisville and parked at First Assembly about 10:00. Associate Pastor Andy Stringfellow was there to meet me and help me get parked and soon we were on our way to meet Pastor Kenny and Sis. Joan Morris and a good crowd of dear friends for lunch.

We expected the Lord to help us at First Assembly Wednesday night and he did. The preacher could have done better but the folks responded to the preaching good anyway. I was blessed to be a part of it. We have had some wonderful times here through the years and these people are very precious to us. God has certainly brought some great friends into our life and these are some of the dearest. Thank God for them.

We thought about making the short drive to Richton after church last night but KJ is a little under the weather so we just spent the night here in Ellisville. We will make the trip to Richton this morning by God's grace. We should be in place for the Minister's Restoration meeting beginning tonight. We are really looking forward to that.

I will leave you with a few pictures from last night.

Thanks for reading.


Pastor Kenny Morris and Davy

There were still several visiting quite a while after church. I should have preached longer!

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