Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Last Day At Home For A While

We spent Monday trying to wrap things up in Ohio. We will be gone a few months this time so there were several things that needed to be done. The tent trailer needed a new license sticker, I had quite a bit of business to take care of, I needed to buy several things from Lowe's and Rural King for City Reach and the barn had a seemingly never ending list of projects to complete. Thankfully I was able to make headway on most of the things and the rest can wait until another day.

We did make time for a couple trips to Acapulco. We ate and early lunch with the Millikins, the McCoys from Castle Rock, Colorado and the Lambs (Sis. Tara McCoy's parents)

It was great to see our friends again. The McCoys are headed back to Colorado right now so it was nice to catch them before they left. We hate to leave the Millikins but it is great to know we should see them in Wichita City Reach very soon.

We also had a late supper with my parents and my brother Steve. I tried something new last night. I ordered the Acapulco Taco Salad. It was very, very good but I left the wonderful gigantic taco shell on the plate as bad as I hated too.

I was mapping out my route to Mississippi and noticed that the interstate looks like a giant construction zone all the way down. This could be a really fun trip!

We are planning to leave this morning and drive as far as we can. I would imagine we will stop in Alabama some where after driving about 500 miles or so. We are supposed to preach Wednesday night service for Pastor Kenny Morris and in Ellisville and then we will be at the Minister's Restoration Thursday and Friday in Richton. We are really looking forward to it.

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