Tuesday, August 11, 2015

City Reach Richton, Mississippi

Richton, Mississippi

We are excited to join with the churches of Richton, Mississippi again this year under the Blue and White Gospel tent proclaiming the love of God and the message of salvation and hope to the broken, the needy and the lost. We have enjoyed working with Pastor Scott Morris and Richton First Assembly the last several years to reach the people in Richton and we are looking forward to doing so again this year.

Bro. Scott and his folks were having tent revival in the city's Recreation Park in Richton for at least a year or two before they invited us to be a part of it. God has blessed their outreach and we are very pleased to have participated since 2011. Numerous lives have been touched, souls saved and bodies healed in the tent revival in Richton.

City Reach

As you know, though City Reach we are expanding our tent revivals into several larger cities over the next year. City Reach is the vision of Boggs Family Ministries to promote revival in metropolitan areas across North America through the preaching of the Gospel in demonstration of the Spirit and power. Our cities, our nation, our families must have revival. Our nation is suffering in sin and the Christ is the solution. We know the Gospel changes lives and the world must hear the message. We want to help deliver that message, plain and simple.

Richton Connection

A fact that you may not know is that the vision for City Reach was birthed under the tent right there in the small town of Richton, Mississippi. I was deeply moved as churches and town people came together the last few years with Richton First Assembly to extend the Gospel message to their neighbors and friends. I saw God doing something there that I knew He would do in larger cities.

The fire for City Reach began to burn in me right there in Richton, Mississippi. What started there will be duplicated all over the USA. Souls are going to be saved, lives are going to be radically changed, families are going to be healed and God is going to receive all the glory. God is going to help folks from Phoenix to Washington D.C. and lots of cities in between because of what originated in tent revivals in a city park in Richton, Mississippi!

City Reach Richton!

It is only fitting that we bring a City Reach campaign to Richton where it all began. City Reach Richton will begin on Friday September 18th and run through Friday September 25th. We plan to roll into town by Wednesday or Thursday and set the tent up Thursday night and I feel the excitement already.

The 48'x70' tent has been near capacity the last two years so we are putting up the new section in Richton this year to make it 48'x92'. I am confident they are going to fill it up again, Hallelujah! God is going to move in City Reach Richton! I know that God is going to bless First Assembly in Richton as they reach out to their community because they have been so instrumental in catching and promoting the vision of City Reach all over the USA. That is the way God works!

We would love for you to come and participate in City Reach. Wichita , Kansas September 6-13 or Richton, Mississippi September 18-25, 2015 would be good places to start. Put together a City Reach Crew and come put your shoulder to the wheel. You sure are welcome!

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  1. Hello family, do you know when and where your City Reach 2016 might be closet to KY? I would love to attend. I love you all, prayers!


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