Monday, August 10, 2015

Weekend Wound Up and Weview August 10

We wrapped everything up at the Lazy OD Ranch Friday morning and pulled out for Oklahoma about 10:15 AM. It was nice to be on the road again but it sure seemed like a long road ahead of us as we skirted around Cincinnati. But about 10 and a half hours later we were pulling into Stage Stop RV Park right behind Lambert's Cafe (The home of the throwed roll) with almost 610 miles behind us.

Stage Stop has been a very familiar stop for us the last several years. I think we have been in there with every vehicle and RV configuration we have traveled in the last 13 years. It is just a gravel parking lot but the spots are long pull thru sites with water, sewer and 50 amp. The price has been super at $20 plus it has very good wifi and did I mention it is right behind Lambert's Cafe (The home of the throwed roll).

We debated about driving on to Coachlight RV Park in Carthage, Missouri but I had already driven over my self imposed limit for the day and I was way ready to stop. After we were parked I realized I might have made a mistake.

Stage Stop is 13 miles out of our way but that is no problem since it is four lane road and it is cheap with good electric, really good wifi and Lambert's (The home of the throwed roll) is close by. However, Lambert's was not on the agenda Friday night, the wifi must have had molasses poured in it and the price had gone up to $25. Thankfully the water and electric was still available.

I really needed to upload some large files on an unlimited connection but it was not happening there. Even so Stage Stop is still a pretty good bargain especially if you are going to Lambert's Cafe  (The home of the throwed roll).

Speaking of bargains, I filled up the diesel tank on the BoggsMobile in Sullivan, Missouri for $2.34 a gallon. Wow! Praise God! I would love it cheaper but $280 is incredible. That same fill up has cost $536 at $4.50 per gallon and would have cost me $353 at the price we paid in January.

I know that the low price of oil really hurts a bunch of our friends that work in that business. There must be a happy medium some where. How about a fair price for oil so folks can make a living and a fair price for a gallon of gas and diesel so a family can afford to drive?

We left Ozark early Saturday in order to beat the heat in Oklahoma. I do not like to drive in extreme heat and subject my tires and equipment to the extra abuse. I avoid it when all possible. It was still in the upper 80's or low 90's when we arrived in Broken Arrow about 10:30.

Saturday evening we met Bro. and Sis. Rich and several more friends for a great meal at Los Cabos a few miles away. It was wonderful as usual!

It was awesome to see Bro. Chuck and Sis. Lyndsey Spencer and their kids this weekend. They were passing through on their way home to California. It is always great to see them. They surprised us last year by walking into a revival at Beechfork Holiness Church near Wartburg, Tennessee. I can not wait to see where they pop up next year! We plan to see them soon in California.

We began revival with an outstanding service on Sunday morning. It was a tremendous blessing to see folks responding to the preaching in the altar and then to watch God responding to them. Praise God! Sunday night was another great service. I think this is going to be a fantastic week.

We had some more friends in church with us Sunday as well. Bro. Seth and Sis. Anna Hoover visited Sunday morning and they brought their beautiful baby girl with them.

That is about it for now. I hope you enjoy the pictures. Thanks for reading.


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  1. Are you trying to kill me with this pics?? Just kidding - glad you are all there and hope you have a great meeting! Looking forward to seeing you in October and more photos this week! Love you all!


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