Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Travel Day-Ohio to Alabama

Pa and Ma brought Odie to the Ranch just as we were hooking the Green Machine to the BoggsMobile Tuesday morning. It was very hard to leave them behind this time but when it is time to go there is only one thing that can be done. So after hugs all around and prayer, we hit the road about 9:45 AM.

My Dad and Mom are so precious. They do so much behind the scenes to help keep us on the road and to take care of the Lazy OD Ranch most of the year while we are gone. Thank you both from the bottom of our hearts. We love you.

Even with all of the construction I-65 in Kentucky, Tennessee and Alabama we were able to move right along most of the day. The speed limit was lowered in the construction zones but it only slowed to a crawl in few places. The temperatures were in the 70's most of the day so that made it a great day to travel too.

We made such good time that we could have pulled into Ellisville, Mississippi by 9:00 PM central time. That would have been a shade over 12 hours driving time but I know my limits and I am trying to learn to respect them. I drove 9 hours and 524 miles and that is enough. If I press on through and finish the day at 700+ miles I know that I will pay dearly for it the next several days.

I have nearly 400 miles to drive on Saturday and then nearly 300 miles to drive on Monday after a weekend full of services. With all that in mind I shut down a little early yesterday and I will finish the drive to Ellisville this morning by God's grace.

We are really looking forward to being with Pastor Kenny Morris and all of his folks for service tonight. We dearly love being with Bro. Kenny, Sis. Joan and our other friends in Ellisville. Tonight is going to be a special treat for us.

Another special treat will be getting to be at Minister's Restoration at First Assembly in Richton, Mississippi Thursday and Friday. We are really looking forward to being with Pastor Scott Morris and all the preachers that will be in attendance. It is going to be awesome.

Well, time to roll in a little bit. Thanks for reading.


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