Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Travel Day and Fellowship Meeting

We are parked in our spot behind the fellowship hall at our home church, Dryden Rd. Pentecostal Church in Dayton, Ohio. We arrived a little before 7:00 PM Eastern time and I was so glad to finally make it!

We left Sunday night after a great service a Westside Holiness Church. I was pretty hyped up after service so that always helps me stay awake for quite a while. I did not know how far I would drive before sleeping but I wanted to put at least 100 miles behind us. I ended up driving 316 miles and we stopped at the Flying J in Sullivan, Missouri for the rest of the night.

We nosed in between transport truck delivering a fifth wheel and a class A motorhome pulling a horse trailer. The horse trailer was partially in our lane so I was glad to discover the driver was able to pull out without hitting the BoggsMobile. By the time I looked outside at 7:30 AM the RV parking was wide open.

We fueled up at the Flying J before we left. I only needed a half a tank but I wanted to top it off before I crossed into states with higher prices. We filled up at the exact same truck stop on our way out to Oklahoma. In fact, the Flying J has been a regular stop of ours for many years and we have slept in that parking lot many nights in at least three different RVs.

We pulled out Monday morning and finished the trip to Dryden Rd. with only about 100 miles of rain and a small delay in Indianapolis for traffic. The GPS says it was 435 miles from Sullivan to Dayton.

Bro. Bennie had the path cleared for us to pull in and he was waiting for us when we arrived. We visited a little with some of the folks that were here working then I washed the bugs and grime off the front of the bus, the back of the bus and the front of the Green Machine.

With everything nice and clean I went inside and crashed! Long and quick trips are hard on me but at least I am not pastoring a church!

Dryden Rd. Indoor Fellowship Meeting starts tonight and we are looking forward to it. The posts this week will be mostly pictures as is our habit during campmeeting and then Odie will probably write up a summary of the preaching in her Saturday post. Come see us if you can!


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