Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Weekend Wound Up and Weport August 4, 2015

It was a busy weekend as usual and we enjoyed every minute of it. Friday we were blessed to eat lunch with one of my best friends in the world David Riddell. We really enjoyed spending time with David as we always do and the time flew by and was over way too fast. David and I are cousins but we became friends as teenagers and we have been friends the last 60+ years ...30+ years each. Lol!

Friday night we finished revival in Hillsboro. Here is the Revival In Pictures post from the House of Deliverance.

Saturday we worked around the barn but we took time in the afternoon to meet with friends from Mississippi. Bro. J.J and Sis. Bailey Holland are from Bro. Kenny Morris' church in Ellisville, Mississippi. Sis. Bailey is expecting twins and they have been at Children's Hospital in Cincinnati for special treatment.

They were in service with us one night in Hillsboro and Sunday night in Lebanon but Saturday was time for a trip to Acupulco!

We are so glad that they took time to visit with us while they were here. Please pray for J.J., Bailey and their twin boys James and John.

We drove the BoggsMobile to Anchor of Hope in Lebanon and set up our sound system on Saturday and then parked outside the barn for a change.

One of the reasons I parked outside was so I could clean the drain in the middle of the barn. The bus is usually on top of it.

I removed the grate and cleaned out years of debris, dirt and metal shavings. One of the renters of the barn in years past ran a machine shop and a bunch of the metal shavings ended up in the drain.

Then we moved to the drain outside. It was partially covered in dirt with grass growing out of it. I did not get a pictures of it but here is the drain itself with several inches of dirt, mud and grass.

Here it is mostly cleaned up.

I know everything will drain a whole bunch better now!

Sunday morning we began revival for Pastor Bill Lamb and Pastor E.J. Lamb at Anchor of Hope near Lebanon, Ohio. We always enjoy revival at Anchor.

We have had three great services so far and we are expecting two more great nights. If you are any where in the area come and be with us. I am sure you will enjoy it.

Thank you for reading.


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