Monday, August 17, 2015

Weekend Wound Up and Weview August 17

We closed revival Friday night at South Mission at Broken Arrow as planned but not before a great service and God moving in the altar in a wonderful way. I really appreciate Pastor Leon Rich and all their folks. God is moving among them and it was nice to be a part of it for a few days. I heard they had a great service Sunday morning after we left and that is always good to hear.

We have two pictures from Thursday that we neglected to post with the other revival pictures Friday. Bro. Trenton Metheny and his family from California stopped to visit Thursday on their way through town on vacation. Bro. Trenton is Bro. Trever's brother and we all met for lunch and a great visit. We hope to see these folks soon at Riverdale's 50th anniversary camp meeting in October.

Green Machine Tires

On Friday I took care of a nagging tire problem on the Green Machine. When I replaced the tires at Discount Tire in Dayton last December I could tell immediately they were much better tires than I had used the last time. However the car pulled to the left when I pulled out of the lot. They could find nothing wrong with the tires or the alignment.

In April I had Pastor John Eaton's shop do some work on the Green Machine and he noticed the pulling. He moved the front tires from side to side and nothing changed. He rotated the front to the back and the pulling was gone. He guessed one of those tires had a pulled belt.

It took a few months to work it all out but Bro. John Eaton was correct!

It was time to rotate the tires again on Wednesday and as soon as those tires were on the front it pulled to the left again. The Discount Tire in Broken Arrow ordered a new tire and Friday they put it on. It took a little trial and error to determine which tire had the pulled belt but now it drives like a dream again.

South Mission Revival

We snapped a few pictures Friday night and we have those below. We had so many visitors this week and we were not able to get pictures of most of them. We sure do love it when friends come to visit though.

Pastor Leon Rich and Bro. Warren Chip Roy from Virginia

Dear Friends on Saturday

Saturday morning Kelly Jo and I ran down to Pauls Valley, Oklahoma and visited with our good friends Bro. Bruce and Sis. Priscilla Mayhan. The Mayhan's have been our friends for 25 years and they have been so good to surprise us by showing up at revivals all over the country. We appreciate their friendship and hospitality. Saturday they treated us to lunch and invited us into their home and treated us like royalty. It was a day well spent with dear friends.


We arrived back at the BoggsMobile, reunited with Odie Podie, cranked up the bus, unhooked and rolled up the utilities and moved about 25 miles to Westside Holiness Church in Claremore, Oklahoma.

I will say again (As I do every time I come here) Westside Holiness is an absolutely beautiful church.

After we unhooked the car Kelly Jo pulled over to the side and parked the bus. Once the utilities were connected I drove the Green Machine over to the place where the tent trailer is parked. I had several items in the car that I had accumulated for City Reach. I checked on the trailer, unloaded the car and organized a few things inside the trailer.

We had two great services on Sunday with Pastor Darrell Meadow and all his fine people. We love coming here. Bro. Meadow, his family and his church have been so good to us through the years and we appreciate their friendship very much.

Church started at 6:00 so we were hooked up and pulling out at 9:10 PM Central time. The night was cool and the traffic was pretty light so we traveled until about 2:00 AM. We covered 316 miles and we are parked at a truck stop for the night. I am going to post this and then I am going to bed. I have about 445 more miles to go to Dryden Rd. in Dayton.

Here are a few pictures from Sunday at Westside. I hope you enjoy.


Pastor Darrell Meadow and Davy

Sis. Meadow

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