Sunday, March 1, 2015

View Out The Front Window March 1, 2015

We are at White Plains Holiness Assembly the next 5 services and this is our view for the week.

View out the front window

View out the front window

We are parked up close to the building so you really can not see how pretty it is here. We love being in revival here and we love parking out here in the country. It is very peaceful AND our neighbors on the driver's side are ALWAYS very, very quiet.

That is usually all for a Sunday post but we have a few pictures left over from Ellisville. I hope you enjoy them.

I am sure that most of you have seen the blue and black dress that nearly broke the internet Thursday. It seems that nearly 75% of people see the picture below as white and gold. Out of 25-30 folks in the fellowship hall after church Thursday only 5 saw it as blue and black.

I took this picture of somebody else's phone. It sure looks blue and black to me.

We were still talking about it the next day at lunch. Sis. Joan saw it as blue and black and it turns out she was exactly right. But at least 2 of these total strangers she approached at a table near us thought it was white and gold. It was hilarious! We love you Mama Joan!

We celebrated the 65th Birthday of Pastor Kenny Morris at lunch Friday and again after service with the whole church.

Kelly Jo was either choking or praying for this rare Ethanax Ballbulus Facemus Monster.

Two absolute miracle babies.

I am guessing that Mr. Anonymous and Kelly Jo were honoring Spock on news of his passing at 83 years old or Rylee's broken finger.

I do not know which gang these two hoodlums belong to but I am sure it is dangerous.

Regan and Kelly Jo being spiritual even in the kitchen.

I hope you have a great Sunday.


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