Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Monday at Allentown and Cedar Creek

The posts this week will be mostly pictures since we are in Campmeeting at Allentown. With three services a day something has to give and the blog is one of those somethings. IF you enjoy seeing pictures of all our friends in the places we visit then you are going to love it.

The tent trailer spent the winter in this spot behind the church at First Assembly in Richton. We hooked up to it Monday morning with the church bus and pulled it around to the front parking lot. There we hooked onto the trailer with the BoggsMobile and away we went.

After we were parked at Allentown we took time for lunch with Bro. George Brimm and the Millikins. Where else could we go besides the Boiling Pot?

Kelly Jo, Odie and I split the 3 lbs of boiled shrimp as we have at least a half dozen times. This time the shrimp had the heads left on them. That was a first time for us. They looked kind of nasty with the heads AND the heads were counted in the weight even though you can not eat them. That means we had about one third less shrimp and THAT was the real problem.

Monday night we went to the Fellowship Meeting at Cedar Creek Holy Church of God near Citronelle. It was great to be with Pastor Darius Templeton and his folks. Bro. Jimmy Millikin preached super great and we enjoyed the service and the fellowship very much.

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