Saturday, March 21, 2015

I Love My Uncle Steve!

Hey friends, we have once again arrived at Saturday. I hope you have had a grand week. Our week has been superb!  I always enjoy being with our friends at Forts Lake Assembly in Moss Point, Mississippi. 

Today the BoggsMobile is traveling toward Tennessee. Sunday through Wednesday we will be in revival at our Tennessee home. We are excited to see Pastor Herman Woods and everyone at Beechfork Holiness Church. 

This Thursday and Friday we plan to be in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. I am looking forward to a wonderful Pentcostal Fire Youth Conference. Next Saturday check here for my notes and we will have pictures from PFYC. 

Yesterday my Uncle Steve Boggs celebrated his birthday. Happy belated birthday, Unk!  He does a lot of behind the scenes work for us in order to make our life on the road a lot easier. Thank you, Steve, for all your help!!

A couple weeks ago I shared a funny memory of a special moment with my Uncle Tommy.  That triggered some memories I have with my Uncle Steve. 

Uncle Steve has always looked out for me. We have had some adventures. He was my babysitter sometimes when I was little and we always had a lot of fun. He says I am a pretty good kid and always stay where you put me; unless you park my wheelchair on a hill. We have had some wild wheelchair rides through the years. 

Uncle Steve would give me a "Juice It" to drink in the mornings. When he first woke up he would try to take a drink of my juice. I refused to share with him. I told him, "Uncle Steve, you make it taste funny." I guess I was not very tactful when I was young.

Many days we played with cars. He had a groovy race track. I always felt big when he let me play with him. 

One day, when I was around 3 or 4, I was grounded from chewing gum. Uncle Steve sneaked me a piece anyway. Be sure your sins will find you out. I ended up with gum wadded up in my long hair. He was freaked out trying to figure out what to do. I remember crying because Steve panicked and said we would have to cut my hair. 

Dad had heard peanut butter would get gum out of hair. My uncle laid me on the kitchen counter and put my head over the sink. Very patiently Uncle Steve used peanut butter to strip the gum from my hair. Then he washed and brushed my hair. I do not remember him giving me gum ever again.

Uncle Steve also passed on a love of food to me. Well I guess all our family loves food. We are happiest when we are eating. 

Over the last several years Uncle Steve has raised chickens. You know you are loved when you get a chicken named after you. He had a chicken who could not walk right on its little deformed feet, so he named it Odie. One day Steve text me and said, "It is a miracle! Odie is healed and walking just fine." 

One final story before I close. This is my most embarrassing moment. On a cold January Sunday afternoon when I was 13, we were leaving Mamaw and Papaw's after a family dinner. Dad was carrying me down the icy steps. Dad slipped and fell, but he gave me a cushioned landing. The family ran outside in the frigid weather to check on us. 

Uncle Steve came to my rescue. He picked me up and threw me over his shoulder like a sack of taters. When he picked me up he was standing on my skirt. In the end I went up and the skirt came down. There I was hanging over Uncle Steve's shoulder right in front of God and oncoming traffic in nothing but my coat and slip My family was laughing so hard that they could not even get the skirt back on. 

I never wore that skirt again. To this day I am cautious of my skirt when Uncle Steve comes to my aid. LOL!!! 

I love you so much, Unk!

I hope you all have a wonderful spring weekend!


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  1. This made me laugh! He is definelty special!


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