Monday, February 23, 2015

An Excellent Weekend In Ellisville

God blessed us with another wonderful weekend. In fact it was an Excellent Weekend in Ellisville. The weekend started as we were finishing revival at Foster Grove and finished the revival by starting revival in Ellisville. That seems to be the story of most of our weekends and we would not have it any other way.

The trip from Mobile to Ellisville was only about 110 miles so we were in no rush to leave Saturday morning. I went to the bank and then came back to the bus and worked on some paper work while Kelly Jo was resting a while. I work her pretty hard and I need her to take care of herself and rest when possible.

We started preparing to leave at noon and pulled out of Foster Grove Holiness Church at 1:10. There are at least two ways to cut through the country on pretty good roads to Ellisville but it is only 14 miles farther to stay on 4 lane road all the way so that's what I did. The wind was blowing at 20 mph most of the way but we did beat the rain.

We arrived a little after 3:00 and set up in time to meet with Pastor Kenny and Sis. Joan Morris for supper at 5:00. We had a great meal at Charlie's which is one of our regular places here. We were enjoying the fellowship and food so much that we forgot all about taking pictures.

Odie's plane arrived about 9:30 PM and we were at the Hattiesburg airport to meet her. Once we were home we visited for a couple of hours catching up on all the news from Odie's vacation. She had a super great time. Hopefully she will be able to post pictures later in the week.

Sunday we cranked up revival here at Ellisville, Mississippi with two great services. Pastor Kenny Morris and his folks were ready to have church and we are looking forward to five more wonderful services this week.

The weather is cooler and raining this week but it is much better than the deep freeze up north. We are thankful to be here in the cool south. We can deal with the rain a whole lot better than the snow. You do not have to shovel rain!

I hope you had a great Sunday. Thanks for reading.


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