Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Church Sign

We have had two more excellent services at Forts Lake Monday and Tuesday nights. Monday night these folks were really having church during the congregational and special singing! When we started singing they continued right on. During our second song they started coming into the altars and God blessed and touched several.

Tuesday night we made it to the preaching and they liked to have preached me to death! I ran and danced and preached until I was give out. I do not know how much I actually preached but I sure had a good time trying. God helped again in the altar.

I know God helped me Tuesday because I was dragging when it came time for church to begin. I guess last week's campmeeting, the busy weekend and the bus project Monday finally caught up to me. I felt like I had been run over by a truck all day Tuesday. I was dragging until the Spirit of the Lord came in the service last night. It was awesome.

I ran across something you might find interesting. When I was working on the bus project Monday, I had to run to town for a part. I passed a church on the way and I about cracked up when I went saw their sign. On the way back I whipped into the parking lot to take a picture.

I have seen some great church signs and I have seen some that were down right goofy. This one is just goofy enough to be a great sign in my book.

Bro. Ralph asked me to change the sign so I did.

That is absolutely hilarious. I hope you gave a great day.


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