Monday, March 16, 2015

Sunday at Tanner Williams and Forts Lake

We were so late getting to bed Friday night that we rested a while Saturday morning. By the time I was stirring Bro. George Brimm called and told me he was not feeling well and was going to the hospital. I went with him and spent a big part of the day there while the girls were getting things ready to roll.

In the late afternoon we took the bus and tent trailer to Forts Lake and then Kelly Jo and I went back to see about Bro. Brimm. I am happy and thankful to report that the hospital released him Saturday evening and he was feeling fine as of Sunday afternoon. Praise God.

Sunday was long and busy but very sunny and very enjoyable. We left Forts Lake at 9:00 AM and 25 minutes later we were pulling into Tanner Williams Holiness Church. We had our sound set up in a few minutes and our sound check completed and ready to begin service at 10:30. It was Friends and Family Day at Tanner Williams and Friends and Family REALLY showed up in a big way. It was wonderful.

We sang for a solid hour with preaching interspersed throughout and it seemed like we had been singing only a few minutes. We really enjoyed it and it seemed that most of the folks did too. The ladies from Tanner Williams prepared a huge meal as they usually do and I know everybody enjoyed that.

I appreciate Bro. Donnie for inviting us to be a part of Friends and Family Day again. We love the folks at his church and they have proven time and again that they love us too. May God bless them for their hospitality and kindness shown to us.

We have a special friend that lives in Pennsacola, Florida and we do not get to see him very often at all. Odie let him know we were singing at Tanner Williams Sunday and he drove about 90 minutes to be with us. It was our special privilege to have Bro. Ferrell Stearnes with us. 

We loaded up and headed back to Forts Lake Sunday afternoon. By the time we had our sound set up in the church it was getting late but we did have a moment to rest a bit before church. We hit the ground running and the Forts Lake folks were ready to have church. It was a super great start to a good week of revival.

We are thrilled to be with Pastor Tim Cauley and the Forts Lake Assembly again this year.

After church Sunday night there was a birthday celebration for Rev. C.D. Cauley. Bro C.D. is the founding pastor here at Forts Lake and is Pastor Tim Cauley's dad. He will be 90 years old today. He is a spiritual giant in this part of the country and deserves all of the nice things that were said about him last night. It was our special privilege to be there for his birthday celebration.

I hope you all had a great Sunday as well. God bless you for reading.


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