Saturday, February 14, 2015

Almost Time To Go

Hey Friends!  It is Saturday again so this is Odie writing to you again. I hope you had a spectacular week. We definitely enjoy our time this week at Little Rock Assembly in Waynesboro, Mississippi. It was great to be with Pastor Jason Merritt and his congregation again. 

Now the BoggsMobile has landed in Mobile, Alabama. We parked Thursday afternoon at Foster Grove Holiness Church where Dad and Mom will be in revival beginning Sunday night. If you are in the area come visit my parents and Pastor Jimmie McDuffie this week. I know they will be glad to have you. 

We are very, very glad to be back in the land of reliable cell phone signal! The last two weeks we have had virtually no signal. We could occasionally send or receive a text message if we held our phone in the air and wore our tinfoil hat. It was so nice to look at my phone yesterday and see full LTE signal.

I mentioned that my parents will be here in revival next week but I will be leaving for a week. Tomorrow morning I am flying to Tampa, Florida. Once in Tampa I am meeting my friend Kaylene Stephens. 

Monday through Saturday morning we will be on a Gospel singing cruise on the Carnival Paradise. We will sail Monday through Friday and we will be porting at Grand Cayman Islands and Cozumel, Mexico Wednesday and Thursday. 

I am anticipating 6 relaxing days filled with fun and food. I am thrilled to be going on the Singing At Sea. You can find pics of my past Singing At Sea cruise HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE .  

You can probably tell I am excited about my vacation and hearing all of the Gospel singing on the ship. HERE is the line up of Southern Gospel group that will be performing during our times at sea. 

For more info on Templeton Tours or Singing At Sea visit this Link.

I am super pumped and excited that my vacation is almost here. Kaylene and I started planning this trip 383 days out. We have had a constant count down going the entire time!  It has already been a blast planning this with her. 

Here is a picture I text Kaylene early in our count down. 

This is the picture I sent her Thursday. 

Now my boarding pass is In hand and my suitcase is packed!!  I am ready for the fun to begin!

Please keep us in your prayers this week. We are both flying to Florida Sunday. Then we will be at sea Monday through Saturday. Our return flights are scheduled for next Saturday afternoon. 

I will talk to you again when I return to land. I promise lots of pictures soon. 


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