Wednesday, March 7, 2012

More of Odie's Cruise Pictures - Friends

Hello, some of you are asking for more cruise pics.  I am still in the process of organizing all of the pics from my camera.  it will take a few more post for me to hit the highlights.  This post is dedicated to pics of me and Lisa and and my friends.

As I said before this was a dream trip for me and I am so thankful my cousin Lisa Isaacs came with me.  Lisa's help made the trip a lot easier for me!!  Also I had friends  from Wichita, Kansas and Evansville, Indiana on the ship too.  We had fun with all them!!  Lots of laughs happened that week!

Also a major plus for me was that the Isaacs were singing on the cruise as well.  I am their number one fan!!!  It was great to be with Aunt Lily, Ben, Becky, Levi, Sonya, Jimmy, Ayden, Malinda, Nathan and Mark!

Hope you enjoy these pics!!


 Caleb Eaton
Laura Eaton

 Tuesday around the ship and Free Port

 Sis. Judy DiZazzo & Me
 Me & Mark Capps
Mark mixed our Havin' Church project.  He is also travels 
a lot with the Isaacs as their sound man

 Captains Night

 Wednesday on the ship and Half Moon Cay

 Aaron Underhill
 Bro. Keith Underhill

 This is me in a special beach wheelchair.  
It was so nice that they had these free of charge to use.
A regular chair is useless in sand. 
Thanks to Lisa, Jimmy Yeary and Bill Becker for pushing me in the sand
 Malinda Campbel & Ayden Yeary
Malinda works for the Isaacs as Ayden's Nanny.
  It was Ayden's first visit to the beach.  He loved it!

 Me & Sis. Tawanda
 Tawanda & Lisa and the tender headed back to the ship
 Wednesday night dinner
The Eaton Family, Aunt Lily & me

 Thursday on the ship and Nassau

 Me & Ayden Yeary
Ayden is now boss on the Isaacs bus.  He is the son of 
Sonya Isaacs Yeary & Jimmy Yeary.

 Sis. Judy & Bro. John DiZazzo
 Sis. Debbie
 The Eaton Family with me & Lisa
Thank you, Eaton Family, for being our dinner partners!
 Sonya Isaacs & me
 Levi Bowman & me
 Ben Isaacs & Ayden
 Me, Lisa & Laura Eaton
 Bro. John & Sis. Debbie Eaton
 Crazy Caleb

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  1. Thank you Odie for sharing all the pictures. I've been wanting to hear about your vacation.
    Love you,


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