Tuesday, March 6, 2012

More of Odie's Cruise Pictures - Concerts

Here are a few of the pictures I promised. These are from the concerts on the cruise.


Gold City

The Taylors

The Dills

The Rotchesters

Ronny Booth

Squire Parsons & The Booth Brothers.  They sang Look For Me AT Jesus Feet.  

Squire Called his wife on the phone so she could hear her favorite group sing her favorite song

Brian Free and Assurance

Jeff & Sheri Easter

Dr. Jerry Goff

The Isaacs

Aaron Wilbern

Aaron & his grandsons

Brian Free & Assurance. 
It Took Michael Booth and Eric Pjillips to fill in for Brian
when Brian was lost his voice

The Booth Brothers

The Crist Family

The Isaacs

Sonya made me help the on He Ain't Never Done Me Nothing But Good

Jeff & Sheri Easter

Sheri read a portion of her book Hear My Heart

The Isaacs

Jeff Tolbert of the Primitive Quartet joined the Isaacs to play fiddle on Friday

Jeff, Ethan, & Austin Whisnant

The Erwins

Kari Gooch

Levi Bowman and the Isaacs

Becky Mathews & Ben Rotchester


  1. Awesome pictures! I know you had a great time! I would like to know how many pictures you took??

  2. Great pictures Odie! Love you! Deborah


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