Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Allentown Campmeeting and Monday Night Fellowship Meeting

Next month it will be time for Allentown Campmeeting at Semmes, Alabama and we are getting excited about it. We have been attending Allentown for many years and we always enjoy it so much. God has used the meeting to be a blessing to the holiness people and I am sure it will be a blessing this year.

The meeting always begins on the second Tuesday morning in March. The dates this year are March 10-13. There will be three services each day through Friday night. There will be a different scheduled speaker each night and the day services at 10:00 and the youth services at 6:00 will feature visiting preachers.

The preaching is always outstanding at Allentown. It is always great spiritual food for our family. The singing and worship is always great as well and God moves in each altar service.

Pastor Eugene Futral and the folks from the Allentown church work very hard to make the Allentown meeting as good as it can be. They also have a fellowship of local churches that help with the grounds, help prepare meals and work in the services. It is a cooperative effort to put on an excellent meeting.

If you have never been to Allentown, you ought to make plans to attend. Or if you have been there but it has been a while, then it is time to go back. There is something special when we gather together with hundreds of other folks to worship and have church.

As I said, the meeting begins on Tuesday morning. Two of the churches in the fellowship have a fellowship meeting on the Monday night before the actual Allentown meeting starts. There is a Monday night fellowship meeting at Trinity near Pascagoula and Moss Point, Mississippi, with Pastor Russell McDonald.

The second Monday night meeting is at Cedar Creek Holy Church of God in Citronelle where we were about two weeks ago. Our dear friend Bro. Jimmy Millikin is scheduled to preach that Monday night. We are planning to be in attendance that night at Cedar Creek and we are excited about seeing and hearing Bro. Millikin. It is going to be a great night. I know that Pastor Darius Templeton and the church would love to have you.

I hope you will join us at Cedar Creek on Monday night and Allentown if you can.

Thanks for reading.



  1. We look forward to seeing y'all at both meetings! May the Lord bless and keep you.
    Bradley Cooper

    1. Thanks, Bro. Bradley. We are really looking forward to seeing every one again and enjoying the services.



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