Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Difference One Year and 680 Miles Can Make

Wow! What a difference a year and 680 miles can make! I was looking back through posts from last year in January and February and remembering how bone chilling cold it was. It was so cold that hitchhikers were holding up pictures of their thumbs and politicians had their hands in their own pockets. In addition to the cold it was blowing snow and ice nearly every week.

These first two pictures are from January, 2014 in West Plains, Missouri.

That is cold! Some of our pipes were frozen that night and stayed frozen for two or three days.

We were only able to have three services of the seven revival services that were scheduled. There was a silver lining though. No church and terrible driving conditions meant we were invited into the Galiher home for Sis. Brenda Galiher's outstanding cooking on SEVERAL occasions! Absolutely delicious!

I can not post pictures from West Plains without including one from our favorite dog in the world, Hank the Church Dog.

February was not much better. These two pictures are from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma the first week of February.

We were at South Mission with Bro. Leon Rich and his family and this storm blew in right before the very first service of revival.

That is enough of the extreme winter pictures. We fought the bad cold temperatures nearly every day for 6-7 weeks and we were so glad to point the BoggsMobile south near the end of February. RVs are just not built to handle temperatures down near zero and it was a constant struggle to keep things from freezing. Even with diligence we still had frozen water pipes and other systems on several days. With wind chills of -22 things are going to freeze!

That is one reason we did not go back to Oklahoma, Missouri and Kansas in January and February this year. We have been there during the winter 12 years in a row and I just needed a break. Thank God for opening revivals in Texas, Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi. Even though it was 32 last night and has been below freezing a few nights, that is not near as bad as 10 degrees and less.

Especially when it is supposed to be near 70 this afternoon. I can handle 70 degrees for at least one winter.

We are having a great revival in Waynesboro, Mississippi. Pastor Jason Merritt and all of his folks are treating us so well and God is blessing too. Tonight is the final night so I should have a Revival In Pictures post tomorrow morning.

Thanks for tuning in.


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