Monday, February 9, 2015

Sunday At Little Rock

Sunday we began revival at Little Rock. No, not Little Rock, Arkansas but Little Rock Assembly in Waynesboro, Mississippi. We are thrilled to be back with Pastor Jason Merritt and his folks and we are looking forward to the blessings of the Lord.

We had two good services yesterday and last night was very good in the altar service. Thank God for speaking to his people and working in our lives. His incredible love for people is absolutely amazing. Praise God for His help.

The last time we were here in February 2013 we had floods, storms and tornadoes all over this area. It was really bad. In fact a tornado hit right down the road during church that Sunday night. It was pretty exciting for a few days.

But what we remember most about that revival was sickness. Kelly Jo and I were both sick that week. We were sick when we arrived and still sick when we left. I do not think both of us have been that sick at the same time in nearly 30 years of marriage.

Our part of the revival that year was horrible. We had no voices to sing and I had no voice to preach and we felt like mud. All we could do was squeek and squawk a little. But even though we could not add much with our singing or preaching, the church had revival any way. I remember telling them that they did not need us here. We were just an excuse to have a revival.

I am so glad they gave us another chance and invited us back. We have worked very hard to arrive this year healthy and strong! So far we are doing good. We are expecting more good health and more good services by God's grace.

I hope you had a great Sunday. Here are a few pictures from Little Rock yesterday. Thanks for reading.


Davy and Pastor Jason Merritt

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