Saturday, February 21, 2015

Foster Grove - Revival In Pictures

It has become the norm for Odie to post on Saturday but as she is still traveling I am stepping up to fill in for her this morning. Her ship should be pulling into port this morning in Tampa, Florida and then she will begin the long round about flying route to Hattiesburg, Mississippi. We should have her in our arms by 9:30 tonight.

We have missed Odie but we have had a tremendous week in Alabama. This was our first revival at Foster Grove Holiness Church in Mobile and it has been wonderful. We have had great fellowship from the local churches and several visitors each and every night. God has moved in the singing, in the preaching and especially in the altar services and I give him honor and glory for that.

Pastor Jimmie McDuffie and his wife and all the folks at Foster Grove have been so very kind to us all week long. They have provided a nice place to park, meals every night and have done their very best to see that we are taken care of while we are here. May God bless them greatly for their hospitality.

I hope you enjoy the Revival In Pictures.


Pastor and Sis. McDuffie

Pastor Michael Groves

Rev. Jimmy Lloyd

The Apostle Donald C. Williamson

The Epistle

Pastor Tim Cauley

Pastor Eugene Futral

Pastor Gaylon and Sis. Kim Cunnigham

Pastor Shad McDonald and Pastor Barry Gautreaux

Bro. Gautreaux was preaching revival nearby for Trinity so we were blessed to spend a little time with them during the day.

Pastor Scott Morris and his family came down to spend a little time with us one day. We organized and were the only participants in the first annual Mobile, Alabama lawn mover race sponsored by Lowe's and John Deere. 

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