Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Bro. Ralph Cox - Holiness Messenger

I wrote a tribute to Bro. Ralph Cox the week he passed away in August 2014. 

The One and Only Ralph Cox

There were many things about Bro. Ralph that I did not write about him in that post. You can only fit so much into one little ol' blog post. One of the things I did not mention is that Bro. Ralph was the editor of the Holiness Messenger for many, many, many years.

The Holiness Messenger is a paper published for the Holiness people since 1953. Bro. Cox became the editor in 1958 and was involved with the paper until his last days. Bro. Bill Parks was a young preacher under Bro. Cox. He helped Bro. and Sis. Cox with the Holiness Messenger and has been the driving force behind the paper for well over 20 years. He has also pastored the church that Bro. Cox pastored, the House of Prayer in Tulsa, since 1992.

Bro. Parks wrote a very moving tribute to Bro. Ralph Cox in the recent issue of the Holiness Messenger. I picked up a copy of the Messenger Sunday at Sterlington Holiness Tabernacle and was thrilled to see it.

The honor he gives Bro. Cox and the love he has for him shines through very clearly. It is now online and you can read it HERE. If you knew Bro. Cox at all, I know you will be blessed to read Bro. Parks' tribute.

I wept as I read the words that Bro. Bill Parks wrote for his mentor and friend. I even wept when I read the words that I wrote back in August. It was not necessarily the words but the real man that inspired those words and thousands of other things that could have been said. We lost a man of God and a real friend when we lost Bro. Ralph Cox.


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