Thursday, January 8, 2015

Do You Know Pastor Darius Templeton?

A few years ago I put up a few posts called "Do You Know (Insert Name Here)?" and they proved to be very popular posts. I never intended to do those posts super often but I did intend to do them more often than I have. Why? Because we are blessed to meet so many incredible Christian men and women that most people know nothing about and I would love for you to get to meet them.

Some people think the church is full of nothing but hypocrites and weak minded types. We have met all types in the church but we have been abundantly blessed to become acquainted with some genuinely saved and sanctified folks in churches all over the US and beyond. We are privileged to serve God with amazing men and women that are dedicated and sold out to Christ.

I know some people are down on everybody but we regularly leave a church saying, "Wow, those are super great people!" There is no way we could introduce you to all of them that we know but at least we can try to hit the highlights!

I was reading a great devotional written by a good friend online the other day and I said to myself, "I need to tell somebody about him and this devotional." So that is what I am doing today.

Do you know Pastor Darius Templeton? This is him below with his precious wife Sis. Kim at their church in October, 2013.

Bro. Darius was raised in a preacher's home in Connersville, Indiana. He came to our home church, Dryden Rd. Pentecostal Church as a young man and won the heart of one of our best young ladies, Sis. Kim. He stayed at Dryden Rd. for many years, eventually becoming the Youth Pastor and working under Bro. Bennie Sutherland for several years. He became what seemed like an indispensable part of our home church.

Four or five years ago Cedar Creek church near Citronelle, Alabama came calling and Bro. Darius has served as their Pastor ever since. We hated to lose him at Dryden Rd. but we knew he would be a great Pastor at Cedar Creek. He is doing a fine job and the Allentown fellowship of south Alabama is blessed to have Bro. Darius and his family there.

I admit that I am a little biased toward Bro. Darius but it is hard not to be. Bro. Darius is a fine Christian gentleman. He is a man of integrity, character and discipline. On top of all that he is a tremendous preacher. He has applied himself to the Word of God and he preaches it faithfully.

Bro. Darius has started posting a devotional on the Cedar Creek church's website and I am enjoying it very much. They are short and thought provoking and they are well worth the time and effort to read them. I suggest you bookmark Bro. Darius's devotional and check it every day. He will surely tell you something that will profit you spiritually.

Do you know Pastor Darius Templeton? He is definitely worth getting to know and this is a fine chance to do it.

Thanks for reading.


March of 2014 at Cedar Creek

March of 2014 at Cedar Creek

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