Friday, January 23, 2015

Pine Prairie, Louisiana - Revival In Pictures

We are having a wonderful time at Christian Tabernacle in Pine Prairie, Louisiana. Pastor Barry Gautreaux and his folks have been having revival and have allowed us to get right up in the middle of it. It has been awesome. Every service has been tremendous and we are anticipating the last service tonight to be just as good. I know that a lot of you ask God to help us every week and we really appreciate it.

The weather has been absolutely beautiful most of the week. I can handle 73 degrees in January.

It rained most of the day Thursday and then most of the night last night. The temperature dropped a bunch while it was raining but it is still above freezing so that works for January too.

The weather guessers are guessing it will be very nice here next week and in Alabama where we are heading. I am thankful for every bit of it.

Thanks for checking in today. Here is the Revival In Pictures.


They are making progress on their new sanctuary.

The outside is virtually completed. It looks great.

Davy and Pastor Barry Gautreaux

Sis. Stephanie Conner had a birthday while she was here in Louisiana with us.

She was thinking about acting her age but changed her mind at the last minute!

The weather has been beautiful although it did set into raining Thursday.

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