Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Pool Rules

I am a little short on time this week.

I do have something interesting to show you that I had forgotten about. I do not think I posted it earlier. We ran on this sign at an RV park swimming pool.

I am certainly not an expert on swimming pool rules but all of these seem pretty standard except for #4. I think rule #4 might be a dead giveaway that we have stopped at an RV park for senior citizens only. It was not the kiddie pool and besides that I do not think the kiddies wearing diapers are going to read the sign.

Update: One of my dozens millions of readers sent me the picture below a few moments after I posted this. Check out rule #6 and rule #7. They kind of go hand in hand...

Let me zoom it up for you...

That is hilarious and makes me want to get sick at the same time. It makes all those harsh pool chemicals make sense, right? Man, that is funny.

Many thanks to Bro. Gary Lee for the picture.

Thanks for reading.


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