Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A Morning At The Mall

Tuesday I did something that I rarely ever do. I actually walked inside a shopping mall. It was incredibly difficult but I managed to do it somehow.

My iPhone 5 battery has been pretty bad for many months and it really took a nose dive in December. It was so bad that it could go from 100% to dying on one short phone call. I basically had to keep it plugged up if I wanted to make a phone call. Checking and sending a few text would drop the battery from 100% to 60%. It was really getting ridiculous.

As we were driving toward Houston last week I told Kelly Jo to find an Apple store on the south side of Houston toward Seeny and make an appointment for me to get the battery replaced. She made the appointment for 10:00 AM Tuesday. I did not even think about the Apple store being inside the mall.

It was about 45 minutes to the mall from Sweeny and I arrived about 9:15. I watched the mall walkers for a while and then I noticed about 50 people were waiting in front of the door to the Apple store. Wow! Talk about good people watching. What a varied crowd it was too. It would have been a good place for a tent revival.

As the door opened the crowd surged forward but about five of us remained seated in the mall area. I was thinking they might call for those that had appointments and sure enough they did. It was kind of funny. All five of us that were still sitting down had appointments and we were called to the front of the surging line. That worked out good. I was glad KJ called ahead.

After Kelly Jo made the appointment last week we found out that some iPhone 5 models had a free replacement on the battery because of a bad batch of batteries two years ago. Thankfully mine fell into that lot. I am not surprised because this battery has been faulty from the beginning.

My iPhone has a small ding on one corner and they said there was about a 50% chance the screen would not go back in and if it did it might break. They really wanted me to just go ahead an buy a new phone but I did not need a new phone I needed a battery.

They tried it and sure enough it worked. 45 minutes after they started, I was walking out the door, no charge. It will take a day or so to see how it works but so far so good.

A morning at the mall without getting robbed or spending a fortune. That is a pretty good morning.

I spent some time later in the day working on a bus project that I will tell you about later. It was not near as much fun.

Revival is going good at Sweeny. God is helping and blessing each night and we are very thankful. Thank you for praying for us.


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