Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Schedule Change

We are having a great time here at Cedar Creek with Pastor Darius Templeton and his folks this week. God is blessing us with good altar services. We are also enjoying fellowship from surrounding churches and friends passing through the area. There were several area Pastors here last night and it was great to have them with us. We will try to post pictures by the end of the week.

Odie always used the same sentence concerning our schedule in her On The Road Again newsletter, including the one that just hit people's mail boxes last week. Here is what she says. "All these dates are subject to change (Like Maybe Tomorrow)." As is almost always the case, the schedule changes that happen usually happen immediately AFTER we publish a newsletter.

We were supposed to leave here Saturday morning and travel to Flat Branch Assembly about 55-60 miles from here and begin revival Sunday morning. We have been planning on being there for over a year but the flu and all kinds of other sickness has intervened. Pastor Jim Koen called me Tuesday evening right before church and confirmed what he had thought the day before. They were not going to be able to have revival.

Pastor Koen felt bad about it and we all hate it but there was nothing he could do about all of the sickness. Maybe we will try again another day.

So that cuts us loose next week and I am still considering my options. There are several churches in this area that have asked us to come but 4-5 days notice is not enough time to announce a revival in most churches. I do have an idea what we will do but I need to settle it in my mind with a good dose of prayer. I will let you know when I know.

I woke up Monday morning with a feeling like something was going to happen to prevent revival at Flat Branch but I had no idea what that something would be. God knows and has a plan. It will be interesting to see what God is doing.

You can always view our full schedule HERE or click on the BoggsMobile on the left of the blog for the same link.

Thanks for tuning in today. God bless you.


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