Monday, January 5, 2015

A Super Weekend In Texas

We had a great Sunday at Full Gospel Lighthouse in Sweeny, Texas with Pastor Larry Lamb and all of his fine folks. It was a great start to revival. Both services God met with us in the altar and we sure are thankful for that. We are here for five more nights and we are expecting some great things.

We left Kilgore Thursday in the rain.

We drove about 190 miles to the Flying J in Orange and preached at the House of Prayer near Mauriceville, Texas.

Friday morning we woke up to more rain. I did get to visit with Pastor Mark Compton a little more before we left. My suit coat and Bible were both left behind Thursday night so Friday morning I drove the 9 miles back to the church to get them. I did get to see the new church in the daylight and has some more great fellowship so no harm done.

We drove about 90 minutes in hard driving rain and stopped at an RV Park on the east side of Houston. The girls were able to go up a couple of exits for some retail therapy in the afternoon while I did as much of nothing as I could squeeze in to just a few hours.

We rested as much as we could Saturday morning before driving on to Sweeny. It was cloudy and windy but we had a very little rain at the beginning of the drive and then dry the rest of the way. We have driven is rain so much lately that no rain was a welcome relief. I think this part of Texas was relieved as well. Although they needed rain some parts had received over 3 inches in 48 hours.

We had a hankering for a buffet so Kelly Jo found a Golden Corral about 1.5 miles from the interstate once we were south of Houston. She scoped out the parking on Google maps and it looked like we might be able to squeeze in their lot. It was too crowded to get in but her back up plan worked fine. We parked not too far away and thankfully we did not have to paddle or wade through the swamp.

After the late lunch we only had about 90 minutes or less to drive to Sweeny, Texas. Once we arrived at the church, Kelly Jo backed the BoggsMobile into place and we hit the ground running.

After we carried in and set up the sound equipment I washed 2500 miles of road grime off the BoggsMobile before the sun went down. I do not know if the bus felt any better but getting the bus cleaned up sure made me feel better.

We had prayer meeting Saturday night and then began revival Sunday morning.

Kelly Jo with Sis. Jo Lamb the pastor's wife.

Pastor Larry Lamb and Davy

We had a young man praying Sunday night. His mother attends the church. Please pray that God will continue to touch and help him and others.

I am sure that we will have more pictures from revival before we leave here. I hope you had a great weekend.


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