Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Smile.Amazon.com and Boggs Family Ministries, Inc.

Do you order stuff from Amazon? I know that many of you do. It is a fast convenient way to order and receive almost anything and the products are sometimes less expensive than you can find them elsewhere too.

Since we are a moving target we use Amazon Prime in order to receive the items we purchased in two days and before we move to the next church. It super frustrating to order something and have it arrive two days after we leave. With Amazon Prime we rarely have to worry about that.

Now there is a way to order from Amazon and benefit Boggs Family Ministries too. Amazon has a program called Amazon Smile that donates a portion of the price to a charity of your choice. You pay nothing extra they just donate a small portion of the existing price. 

Rather than going to amazon.com as you normally would, go to smile.amazon.com and choose Boggs Family Ministries as your designated charity. You will be given an opportunity to search for a charity and you can search Boggs, Boggs Family or Boggs Family Ministries and Boggs Family Ministries Inc, Waynesville, Ohio will come up in the list. Then select it.

Caution: There is also a Bogg Ministries in Miamisburg, Ohio but that is not us.

Once you designate Boggs Family Ministries,  0.5%  of your smile.amazon.com purchases will be donated to Boggs Family Ministries. You will be ordering from the same companies, receiving the same prices and the same service but you will be helping support Boggs Family Ministries. 0.5% is not much on a single purchase but if a bunch of people choose Boggs Family Ministries for their designated charity and then do their normal Amazon purchases through smile.amazon.com, 0.5% would certainly add up after a while.

Afterward if you continue to shop through your regular Amazon link then the ministry will not receive the 0.5%. You must change your Amazon link and do your shopping through smile.amazon.com in order for it to work correctly.

If you do not mind, please spread the word to others.

Thank you,

Davy, Kelly and Odie
Boggs Family Ministries, Inc. 501c3

Boggs Family Ministries Inc

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