Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Isaacs In Haughton, Louisiana At Central Assembly

Hey friends,

Happy Saturday!  It is Odie writing today. We have had a wonderful week in Pine Prairie, Louisiana. The Lord came by in every service. I enjoyed every move of God, but a couple of nights had my name on them. I really appreciate Pastor Barry Gautreaux and the congregation of Christian Tabernacle encouraging our family to have revival with them. I am still rejoicing in the Lord!

We are scheduled to travel to Citronelle, Alabama today. We are looking forward to being with the Templeton's and the Cedar Creek church. I know it is going to be a great week. 

Dad already told you about our special treat Sunday night in Haughton, Louisiana.  I always love when we cross paths with the Isaacs. I spied this date months ago while comparing our schedules. I was bummed to find it was a Sunday. Then I learned that due to Homecoming in Pine Prairie Sunday morning we did not have service that night. I was still afraid to even hope that we would be able to make the concert. Dad was awesome and made it all happen for me. 

We arrived just a little bit before starting time. Becky had some great seats saved for us. 

It was good to see a couple of fellow Isaacs fans I had met in Claremore, Oklahoma. They were seated next to us Sunday night. 

I decided to use my nice camera. I had not had it at a concert in awhile and I am little out of practice. I tried to snap some some pics along the way during this first half of the concert. Then I sat back and soaked in all the amazing music and singing. 

Wow! What a night!!  From the opening of Walk On until the end of He Ain't Never Done Me Nothing But Good, it was power packed. It will be on our favorite list of concerts for years to come. It would be rough to name all the highlights of the evening because it was really that good.

The Isaacs current radio single I Wanna Be There is special to me. Dad's post on Thursday told more about the song. I cry just listening to the song at home, but when the Isaacs sing it live I am a complete puddle of tears. Thanks to the Isaacs, for singing "my" song Sunday night. It was tremendous.

This was our first time hearing percussionist Justin Johnson with them live for a whole show. Justin does an outstanding job and he is a great fit with the group. All the good reports I was hearing from others proved to be true. We saw the Isaacs the weekend Justin was trying out back in July and it was great to see him again.

It was an extra bonus to get to spend time with the Isaacs after the service. We love catching up with everyone.  Aunt Lily, Ben, Sonya, Becky, and all the gang, we love you all so much!! Who knows when or where we will get to see them again?  I will tell you all about it when it happens.

Now I will let the pictures talk. Have a super weekend!


Waiting for the fun to begin. 

Pastor Andy Harris 

Justin Johnson 

Ben Isaacs

Our lovely Aunt Lily Isaacs

Becky Isaacs Bowman 

Sonya Isaacs Yeary 

The Isaacs 

The star of the show Ayden James Yeary

I hate the picture below is blurry. I thought it was too cute not to post. At 31/2 Ayden is already showing great talent. 

Aunt Lily reading an excerpt from her autobiography. 

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