Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Happy, Happy Birthday, Odie!

Happy, Happy Birthday to my sweet girl, Odie! 

Your mother and I are very proud of you, baby and we love you so very much! 

You are an incredible young lady. You have taken the lumps that life has given to you and you have refused to let it make you bitter. You have devoted your life to Christ and His service. You live to sing His praises and to share the message of His Gospel to the world. You are committed to Godliness, purity and holiness. You are a fine Christian woman and we are so proud of you and thankful for you.

I hope you have a wonderful day today on your 29th birthday. I love you more than a hog loves slop!

I was looking back through some pictures through the years and this one taken in 2012 is one of my favorites. It deserves to be posted again.


If you want to see some more pictures of Odie there are several more in these posts from previous birthdays. 2013 and 2012.


  1. Happy birthday Odie! We LUV you. The isaacs from Al:)

  2. Happy Birthday to my very dear friend! Can't wait to see you - love you much! You are a great encouragement to us all!


  3. Happy Birthday Odie, hope its the best one yet!! Luvya, sis. Deb Conner
    p.s. missed u guys at campmeeting again!!!

  4. Happy happy birthday Odie!!!
    Christina landress Taylor

  5. Happy Birthday Sis. Odie!!! Love you and appreciate the Spirit you have. May the Lord bless you with many more.
    Sis. Stephanie and the Conner Clan :)

  6. Thanks, Alabama Isaacs, love y'all!!
    Tammy, thank you for all my birthday greetings from you! See you soon.
    Christina, great to hear from you! Thank you for your sweet comment!
    Thank you, Sis. Deb! We missed being at Bond. We need another Starbucks meet up!!
    Sis. Stephanie Conner and clan, thank you! Love you all!


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