Friday, October 3, 2014

Travel, A Little Trouble and The Tent

The night in the rest area was nice and cool. It was no problem sleeping without running the AC or the generator. I was really wanting to finish the drive Wednesday night but we are so glad we stopped there for the night.

The sun was shining bright as we left Thursday morning and the rocks in Texas Canyon were amazing as usual. We absolutely love this place and have for many, many years.

I first drove through there the week of Thanksgiving in 1986 in a 1986 Doeskin Tan 2-door Chevy S-10 Blazer.  Me and Bro. Jeff Hensley took a whirlwind trip to Arizona to see my brother Steve and we were on our way home via a stop in El Paso and a church service in New Mexico and Oklahoma City. We stopped along I-10 to look closer at the rock formations. I have pictures of us in storage some where.

Kelly Jo and I went back to Phoenix in 1987 but we went I-40 in and out. We were driving the Blazer that trip as well. When we left Phoenix that time we drove about 31 hours straight home. Me and Steve split the driving duties and carried the mail toward Ohio. We only stopped every 400 miles for gas and to grab a bite to eat on the run. The top speed limit then was only 55 mph the whole way, nearly 2000 miles.

I think it was fall of 1992 when I brought Kelly Jo and Odie through Texas Canyon on I-10. We were on our way from revival in Raisin City, California to our next revival in Arcadia, Florida. No, I was not very good at scheduling then either. I am pretty sure we have pictures of us on these rocks that trip some where too. We have always looked forward to coming through here since then.

The light was better for pictures as we left Thursday morning but pictures just can not do this place justice. At least iPhone pictures can not do it justice.

It is harder to stop the bus along side the Interstate so no pictures of us playing on the rocks.

We only drove 18 miles before we stopped again. I had some weird things going on with one of the gauges that monitors the air for the brakes on the BoggsMobile. By the time we found a good place to stop it was no longer doing it and I could not duplicate it. All we could do was pray and go on. It did fine the rest of the day but I will watch it closely.

I have consulted experts that I know and nobody has any answers yet.

We are now stopped at an RV Park within two hours of the church in El Mirage. All the miles the last few days, combined with 4 tent revivals in 5 weeks immediately following campmeeting at home have finally caught up with me. I feel like I have been run over by the bus. After we arrived here and got parked and checked in I crashed on the couch and slept like a log for two 45 minute stretches. I could not hardly wake up. I felt like I was crawling out of a very deep hole!

We plan to stay here tonight and Friday night (I am writing this late Thursday) and then finish the drive Saturday. Staying in one place for two nights always helps me a bunch. I should be well rested physically and emotionally by the time we see all our friends at Desert Cove. We are really looking forward to that.

I snapped this as the light was fading Thursday evening. I was busy trying to get the bugs off the BoggsMobile and road grime off the Green Machine before it got too dark and missed most of the sunset.

We have a few pictures of the tent coming down in Richton, Mississippi that have not been posted. There was a big crew from the church and it was all down and packed in the trailer in 40 minutes. That is pretty good considering all three pieces were in the air.

Thanks for reading.


Pastor Scott Morris up on top of the Blue and White Gospel Tent.

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