Thursday, October 23, 2014

Special Prayer Request - Bibles

This is a special post with a prayer request on Thursday. Our regular post was posted early this morning and is HERE.

Bro. Larry Landress sent the following out this morning concerning a major shipment of Spanish Bibles that he ordered and was expecting. Please pray about this and feel free to pass it on to others.


Yesterday evening I was advised by my forwarding agent that the container of Bibles that we have coming from China has been taken by US immigration by their CET. Contraband Examination Team. They will hold it as long as they want to and open every pallet, case and Bible checking for contraband and it will cost us to repackage them. This is a full container that was sealed by the Chinese government in Shanghai and has not been opened until now. Help us pray. These Bibles are already 2 weeks late and we have pastors and other missionaries who are waiting for them.

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