Friday, November 1, 2013

We Made It

We made it to Nigeria safe and sound. WiFi is iffy and Google is contrary. I do not even know if this will post. Pictures are refusing but I will keep trying. 

The church dedication is tomorrow so it is going to be a big day. As of right now we have been up over 31 hours but we have had bad trouble adjusting on past trips. Please pray we can rest.  

God bless. 


This is Bro. Clement Okah from Bro. Shobanke's church. He works in immigration at the airport and guides us right through the proper lines and channels. He is a blessing. 


  1. That is really cool! Boy, those planes can fly!
    I hope you're sleeping well. Write if you get work.
    Try to sit in the same left side again on the way
    Back so we can see the other side if the ocean.
    We do love you so.
    Always, Steve

  2. I love your comments, Bubba! I will see what I can do on the pictures from the plane but it will probably be dark the whole flight!.

    Bro. Shobanke says Hello and that you must come to Nigeria!


  3. Should we be like Cheney and Bush? Separate flights for Mom's sake?


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