Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Monday November 25, 2013

We had a good day in Oklahoma today. We spent some time with the Millikins this afternoon and evening and enjoyed the fellowship very much. They celebrated Sis. Millikin's birthday which is later this week and had a good time of singing, worship and prayer with Bro. Marty and several folks that had gathered in. It was wonderful to feel the Lord so close. Please continue to hold up Bro. Marty and the whole family before God.

I made a small change to the blog tonight. The spammers have really stepped up their comments on our blog the last few months. We have always received some spam comments but it has really increased lately. Some days I receive 50 or more crazy comments. I was getting spam comments on last night's post within 30 minutes. It is slightly aggravating. Blogger catches that they are spam but they are still sent to my email and every time I look at the mail on my phone I have 6-10 comments to delete.

The only thing that can be done short of disabling comments is to require word verification. I am afraid it will discourage people from commenting but I have decided to enable the extra step for a while. Maybe the spam bots will "learn" to leave us alone and then I can remove the word verification. We will see.

We love to read your comments so try not to let the word verification slow you down. 

Thank you so much for reading. I know that many of you are faithful to read every day and many more check in a few times a week and we appreciate it very much. We have folks tell us every week that they read the blog and pray for us and that is a great blessing to us. May God bless you for it.


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