Saturday, November 2, 2013

Dedication of the New Osara Rd. Branch Church

Thank you for praying about our rest Friday night. We did not sleep all night but we did pretty good. I slept about four hours, was mostly awake for a couple of hours then I slept about four more hours. 
Kelly Jo slept about the same except her waking hours in the middle of the night lasted a little longer. We both felt much better Saturday morning. 
Our last four hours were our best hours of sleep since our bodies thought it was 12:00-4:00 AM. Man. I was sleeping hard when the alarm went off. 
Bro. Shobanke came to the motel a little after 10:00 this morning and we visited some before we left. The dedication service was scheduled for 12:00 and we arrived in plenty of time. 
It was a beautiful service. We has a full day of fellowship, church,laughing, crying, rejoicing and eating. Kelly Jo and I feel so blessed and honored to be here for the dedication. 
It was an all day event and we are now back at the hotel winding down again. Tomorrow is a special day at Bro. Shobanke's church. It is "Holy Ghost Sunday" so we will have one extended service. It should be pretty exciting. 
Here are some pictures of our Saturday. It has been a wonderful day. 
There were several pastors, evangelist, elders and their families in attendance. It was great to see our friends. 
It is always great to see Bro. Adelani and his family. 
We had lollipops for the children. That was a lot of fun. 
All the ministers received pens. 
This is the lot right behind the new church. The church lot has been redeemed from the bush. 
We stopped by Chicken Republic on the way back. 
Some of the ladies at the hotel. 

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