Monday, November 4, 2013

Monday Morning In Nigeria

Nigeria Posts

I hope you are enjoying all of the pictures from Nigeria. We will have a few more to post after we are home. We are wrapping up our short visit to Nigeria today. I will try to post this today and we plan to leave Lagos tonight. 

We are blessed to spend some time at the school today. Bro. Shabonke's daughters Sis. Ruth and Sis. Rebecca are in charge of the school and they do a wonderful job. The school is a tremendous outreach. They now have over 100 students. The students not only learn to read and write and math skills but they are learning of Christ as well.

Bro. Shobanke is supposed to pick us up about 10:30 which is about one hour from now. Kelly Jo and I both had a pretty restless night but I think I slept more than she did. We both slept some in the evening and were up before midnight. She packed for a couple of hours and then we laid down again about 2:00 AM. 

After visiting the school we will start toward Lagos in the afternoon. Bro. Shobanke wants us to eat at KFC in Lagos on our way to the airport. That will give us a taste of home on the way home, although we really like Chicken Republic here in Abeokuta.

We have a long day and night ahead of us but we should be able to rest once we arrive in Pensacola. The bus will probably not be ready to pick up when we get back Tuesday morning. There was a lot of work to do. We should be able to rest good in the evangelist quarters at Beams of Light but it will be nice to crawl back in my own bed.

I will try to post this now even though I have not been able to add pictures. If the WiFi is working at the airport I will try to post some pictures from there.

Thank you for praying for us.


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