Friday, November 8, 2013

Beams of Light - Cantonment, Florida

We appreciate the Beams of Light Church and Pastor Philip Deane for being so good to us while we have been here. We have stayed several nights in their evangelist quarters, been treated to several meals, enjoyed their wonderful fellowship and been blessed by worshiping with them. Our trailer has been parked here the whole time as well.

We enjoyed another service with them Wednesday night. We were blessed to see Bro. Eddie Deane and his son Jordon from Virginia too. It was a real treat for our family. We not only had a wonderful service but we laughed before and after until we hurt.

May God bless Pastor Deane and his fine church for all of their kindness and hospitality to us. You have made us feel so very welcome. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

After Odie arrived at church we noticed she had brought a little something extra. I saw it and thought it was a blue jean jacket. It was blue jean for sure but not a jacket. She has brought a blue jean skirt draped over the back of her wheel chair. She had hung it over the back of her chair earlier in the day and completely forgot about it. It was hilarious.

Kelly Jo has been busy preparing today to move back into the BoggsMobile. The work on the bus should be finished Friday morning and we should be on our way within a few hours. We will need to go pick it up, bring it back to the church, hook up to the trailer and get it all turned around in the parking lot. 

Then we will load our stuff in the bus and then load the Green Machine in the trailer. When we are finished with all of that we will probably be ready for a long nap! However we have about 550 miles to drive including a small detour to Dothan, Alabama.

There is no sense in taking the tent trailer all the way down to central Florida so we are planning to drop it at Bro. Dewayne Watson's church near Dothan. I had originally planned to drive only the Green Machine to our next revival in Haines City, Florida. But since we have been out of the BoggsMobile for 11 days we are dreading living in a motel for another week.

I will have to make that decision Friday while we drive to Dothan.

Thanks for reading.


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