Thursday, November 7, 2013

Road Pictures In Nigeria

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The whole quick trip seems like a dream now but my aching body and the thick, mud-like substance running through my head let me know it is true. Wow! What an amazing experience.

The last day in Nigeria Bro. Shobanke wanted to take us to KFC on the way to the Lagos airport. Believe it or not the KFC is located in a SHOPPING MALL. He told me that he was going to show us something we had never seen in Nigeria and he was absolutely right. We had never seen a mall in Nigeria but I have seen the one in Lagos now.

The KFC was fabulous as always. An 8 piece meal with four sides and four drinks was about $33.

We always take some pictures out of the van windows while we are traveling through Nigeria and each year they proved to be some of your favorite pictures. It seems that a lot of readers are as fascinated by life in Nigeria as I am and love to see what we see as we go by. 

Here are a few of those pictures.

There is a whole lot of road construction going on in the city of Abeokuta. They are making several of the main roads wider and it is sorely needed. Although it is all a great inconvenience Bro. Shobanke said that folks do not complain because they are excited about the progress.

We saw a lot of buildings like the ones below. The vendors and businesses that line the roads are moved out. The front rooms are removed and the rest of the building is still in use. The road is built where the front rooms used to be and life goes on.

Bro. Shobanke tried on my suit coat before we left for the airport Monday.

I hope you enjoy the pictures. We have several clips that Kelly Jo took with her phone and iPad. I hope we can post some of them in the next several days as well.


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