Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Pictures, Video Clips and Thanks From Nigeria

We have a few more pictures from Nigeria and some clips that Kelly Jo recorded. Some of that is below in this post. Also I am including an email that Bro. Shobanke sent to thank us and all of you that send us to them. Your gift no matter how small is very beneficial to Bro. Shobanke and his people. Most of you that give wish to remain anonymous but God is faithful to remember your labor of love. God bless you for it.


Greetings in Jesus name.

How are you and your family? This is to express my appreciation to you, your family, ministry and all that send you to us. Thank you for being with us in the Dedication service of our new church last week. Thank you for your financial and sacrificial support. Our church and people really appreciate you and your wife. 

I also appreciate the people and churches in the USA for their sacrificial giving which has made my vision of the planting of the new branch church a reality. Thank you for your gift, offering, support for my daughters salary as the run the GoodNews Christian School and the offering to purchase more chairs for Osara Rd. church.

I appreciate you for everything God had been doing through you since we met. We are praying for you and your family.


Yours in Christ.

Pastor. E.Ade.Shobanke

At the end of the dedication service we presented a plaque and small gift to Bro. Shobanke and the Pastor and assistant Pastor of the new church, Bro. Pasu and Bro. Moses.

Pastor Shobanke's greetings and thanks. Part 1

Pastor Shobanke's greetings and thanks. Part 2

Some of the Dedication Prayer

 Preaching Sunday


 School Children Singing

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